The Orchard

Although there are fruit trees throughout the BOG garden the majority of our fruit crop comes from the orchard at the west end of the plot.

There are more than 45 mature apple trees here, cropping from July to November, along with some pear trees, damsons, quince, and crab apples.

In the main garden there is a wide variety of apples, many in espalier and fan forms, some pear trees, medlars and even a black mulberry.

Picking and juicing the fruit is a big job throughout the late summer and early autumn.

The famous BOG apple juice (well, it will be famous when more people have tried it) is currently on sale at £2.50 a 75cl bottle to members and £2.75 to anyone else. It’s far stronger stuff than you get from commercial apple juice so you may want to dilute it, especially if you are giving it to young people.

A great non-alcoholic alternative for parties because it puts as big a smile on the face of the designated driver as the rest of the party who have emptied their wallets on cocktails.