Our three polytunnels allow us to grow all year round and to produce some crops such as sweet potatoes, which do not thrive in an English climate.

The largest, shown here, has been reskinned (as of April 2016)

Polytunnel with chairs

The biggest bugbear with our polytunnels is the night-time visitors who bring their bottles and spliffs. They have slashed the polythene covers of several of them over the years.

One that was slashed in more than 30 places in March 2013 meant diverting half a dozen volunteers from other work for the best part of a day and cost nearly £200.

Our biggest tunnel was previously recovered in 2011 (above) after an attack, and cut again a couple of months later. That was repairable, but yet another interruption when what we all want to do is grow stuff, not clear up after a bunch of oiks showing off.