Moth event

It wasn’t an auspicious night for it, cold, overcast and showery, but the last Friday in May was the date set for our moth event, and it was surprisingly successful.

The event was organised in conjunction with Bath Nats and involved setting up a moth trap like this:

moth trap

It had to be set up in the garden of Kate Souter, who lives very near our garden, because we don’t have electricity to power the light that is the lure.

Overnight a wide range of moths were ‘trapped’ in the pile of egg box cases in the base of the trap, and early the following morning these were being examined and identified at BOG.

moth day


Then followed the very impressive operation of releasing the moths, with fastidious care taken to ensure that each species was given the kind of shelter and camouflage it would have chosen for itself.

IMG_0311 (1)

Here is an example of both the effectiveness of that camouflage, and a chance to see the  extraordinary buff tip moth, which is apparently common, though few of us would spot it when at rest like this.

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