Improving storage

To run a garden like ours we need to have quite a lot of tools and other equipment, and that all costs money, so it has been galling to find items missing. Probably the record is held by the new shovel that disappeared within a fortnight.

A few years ago we raised enough money, through a whipround of members, to buy a shipping container in which the most valuable kit can be  stored safely.

But that is now full. At the same time the large chicken run built about five years ago fell vacant as a result of the few remaining bantams being moved to smaller quarters.

That original chicken run will soon be a second secure storage unit. The stout frame, already reinforced with steel mesh, is to be clothed with timber and a new roof fitted. The door will be moved and reinforced. And padlocked.

Inside, in order to give decent 2 metre headroom, the soil is to be dug out, and a new access path built. Much of the work can be done by volunteers but the conversion work is being done by our long-term member John Gibbon this autumn. When finished it will look very much like the very successful shelter, another of John’s projects.

Once completed the new store will be home for tools, including new ones yet to be bought, our training tent and the vital tea-making equipment, etcetera. This will enable the shipping container to be reorganised to contain the most expensive items and generally give us some breathing room.

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